Wanna Visit San Juan Beach? Here Are the Travel Requirements for La Union in 2022

la union travel requirements

The allure of La Union always intrigued us but it took us a long time to finally visit it — even though we pass through it when we go to my husband’s hometown, Aparri, yearly.

We usually go against what’s hyped (yes, we are contrarians in that way because we end up not liking whatever is getting too much attention when we finally try it) so going to San Juan was something we put off for so long.

But my husband became curious to see why so many local musicians have decided to stay there — some for a while, some relocating permanently — and thought my birthday would make the perfect excuse to drive to the northern province and find out what’s in its waters.

a photo of the beach at san juan la union

If you’re planning a trip to this popular location, here are La Union travel requirements for tourists 2022.

La Union travel requirements 2022

La Union has been placed under Alert Level 1. This means all public utility vehicles in the province are allowed to operate, making the commute a bit easier than last year. The requirements for tourists entering the area have been changed too. Here’s a quick checklist to help you be guided.

For tourists coming from areas under Alert levels 1 & 2

  • Government-issued ID
  • Full-dose Vaccination Card
  • Booking confirmation from a DOT-accredited travel agency or accommodation

For tourists coming from areas under Alert levels 3 & 4

  • Government-issued ID
  • Booking confirmation from a DOT-accredited travel agency or accommodation
  • Negative RT-PCR test results

How to get a NAPANAM QR Code

You can sign up to get a NAPANAM QR code here. (Fun fact: Napanam means ‘Where have you been?’ in Ilocano.) It’s the province’s way of contact tracing. You use your code whenever you enter an establishment.

Other requirements

If you’re not fully vaccinated and coming from an area under Alert level 1 or 2, you need to take an RT-PCR test three days prior to your arrival in La Union (the result has to be negative, of course).

Children under the age of 11 don’t need to take a test, as long as the adults that accompany them have the requirements shared above.

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We didn’t encounter any difficulties in entering in February — even when the requirements were a bit ‘stricter’ then. So we’re sure you’ll have no problems as long as you have the travel requirements. Our trip was definitely fun! Here’s a peek at how we spent our mini-vacay.

Does La Union require a travel pass?

Now that La Union is under Alert Level 1, a travel pass is no longer required. Entry to tourist attractions requires only a proof of full vaccination. Meanwhile, dining al fresco or outdoors doesn’t require vax cards anymore.

So it’s definitely a bit more lax now. But it’s important to note that COVID is still here and that masking up and social distancing should still be done!

Do you need a swab test to go to La Union?

As of this writing, you no longer need to do a swab test to enter La Union (unless you’re not fully-vaccinated or are coming from an area under Alerts Level 3 and 4).