The Beaches of Lobo, Batangas Are Waiting! Here Are the Travel Requirements for Tourists

lobo batangas travel requirements

Despite being born and raised in Batangas, I’d never been to Lobo until my husband’s birthday this year.

I grew up hearing about the place, of course, mostly because of its beaches. We decided to drive there on a whim, having previously planned to spend the day in Quezon City. We checked out the travel requirements quickly too.

Here’s what you need to prep for your trip to Lobo, Batangas in 2022 no matter where you’re coming from.

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Lobo, Batangas travel requirements 2022

Batangas is now under Alert Level 1, so there are still quite a few requirements for entering the province.

The resort you book may have additional requirements, but these are the ones given by the provincial government.

For vaccinated adults (18+)

  • Vaccination card showing that you’ve been inoculated with two shots, the second shot given at least two weeks prior to your arrival to the area
  • Booking confirmation from a resort or accommodation in the area
  • Valid ID
  • A referral slip issued by the local government (more on this below)

For unvaccinated adults (18+)

  • A negative RT-PCR test or nasal antigen test result issued within 72 hours to the check-in date
  • Booking confirmation from a resort or accommodation in the area
  • Valid ID
  • A referral slip issued by the local government

Children and minors (17 and below)

There’s no need to provide test results or medical certificates for children, so long as they are accompanied by fully vaccinated adults.

How to get the Lobo tourist referral slip

  • Pay an ‘environmental fee’ worth P20 through the municipal treasurer. You may do this via GCash or PayMaya.
lobo batangas environmental fee qr codes
  • Send digital copies of your requirements, including proof of payment of the environmental fee, to the local tourism office at ilovelobotourism@gmail.com with the subject ‘Name of Resort, Travel Date’ 24 to 48 hours prior to your arrival to the municipality.
  • Wait for the referral slip, which will be sent within 24 hours of submitting the requirements.

Make sure you still bring your requirements with you during your trip in case there’s a need for verification at the checkpoint (there is one when you enter the municipality).

Since we drove there on a whim, we just had to take a chance. We still went through the checkpoint, where they issue people referral slips upon arrival. We also had our requirements ready with us (we’re fully vaccinated!), so it was swift.

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We’ll definitely plan our next visit better, but we had a good time! Check out highlights from our trip below (swimming at LILY Beach Resort and getting food and drinks at Lako and Ungkot).

Do you need a swab test to go to Batangas?

If you’re fully vaccinated, no. If you aren’t, you have to get one within 72 hours of your arrival to your destination. Minors don’t need to get tested though, as long as they have fully vaccinated guardians with them.

Do we need a travel pass in Batangas?

There is no longer a need for a travel pass, as long as you have the requirements shared by the provincial government or the local government of the city or municipality you’re visiting.

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