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VIDEO: Batangas to Pagudpud Roadtrip

VIDEO: Batangas to Pagudpud Roadtrip

batangas to pagudpud road trip vlog

We’re finally back in the north (of the Philippines) after two years. As usual, we took the long way. We made a stop at Vigan and Pagudpud before heading off to Aparri. Here’s a quick tour of how our road trip from Batangas to Pagudpud went — it’s mostly a montage of the roads and other sceneries.

I’d planned to do another video about our stay at Pannzian in Pagudpud, but my phone suddenly froze and the only way to turn it on was to reset it. So I lost all my clips. 🙁 Still pretty bummed about it.

But still so glad we’re back! In case you’re curious, here’s our family road trip essentials. Here’s also what to do in Aparri, if you ever come to visit.