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Yes, This Is One Of Those New Year Goals Posts

Yes, This Is One Of Those New Year Goals Posts

The best word to describe this year is “challenging.” I feel exhausted. My limits — physically, mentally and emotionally — were tested. But I can’t really complain (I’m not sure if I am complaining, actually) because this was what I wanted before the year started. I wanted something that would shake me, take me out of my comfort zone. Do I want the same thing for next year? I don’t think I’m ready to answer that yet.

What I do want to achieve next year is mindfulness. Achieve doesn’t seem like the right word but if you know me, you’d know that actually doing that will be quite a feat. But I’m determined to do it. I feel over the place, so I don’t think I have a choice but to try being focused and centered.

So, how do I actually plan on accomplishing that goal? Well, I have quite a list, to be honest. But I think it all boils down to what I spend my time on. We use that term a lot — “spend time on” but I don’t think many of us realize its gravity. I know I didn’t. But I’m more than willing to change my mindset. I’ve actually started trying already.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Rae sent me a link to a Buzzfeed video where they tried to copy the morning and evening routines of famous CEOs. I didn’t think I could do it when she first shared it with me, to be honest. But I’m now on my second day of trying it. I can’t say I’m succeeding at it. Waking up early is hard, especially when you live somewhere cold. But I’m trying. And I plan to continue doing so until I can, until I’m no longer trying and it’s already something I’m accustomed to doing.

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This (as in writing and posting this) is part of the plan to invest my time on things that are worthwhile (to me). And I know I say this every end of the year, but I really do plan on making something out of this space. I’ve already said it so many times, I’m tired of hearing myself already. So I plan on not hearing myself say the same thing again next year.

What are your plans for the new year?