MAC Warm Soul Gives Me The Fuzzies

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When I started getting fascinated with makeup and beauty, the first product I obsessed about was the Bench cheek and lip tint. (Bench is a local clothing brand which also carries beauty items. In a way you can say that it’s our version of Forever 21.)

I studied at a Catholic school where dress codes and rules on grooming were strictly implemented, but seeing that we were teens, there was a constant need to find ways to break the rules and express our personalities or whatever our hormones were dictating.

That’s when my fascination with blushers started. Long before I discovered the magic of mascara, a blush-on, as my people call it, was my go-to for a put-together look.

Years after putting it at the bottom of my to-buy list, I’ve rekindled my love for it. And it’s all thanks to a gift from my husband’s lovely cousin.

Ever since receiving it a couple of months ago, MAC Warm Soul mineralize blush has become my favorite blush. It’s a muted pink with gold shimmer, but when you apply it on the skin, it gives off an almost peach flush — the perfect shade for morenas. It also lends a natural glow to the skin, which I adore.

The shade is perfect for warm-toned eye looks, but I’d also rock this with a smokey eye. This has also replaced the blush I use for my 5-minute face routine. It’s a color that, I think, would complement every skin tone. Plus, the product is incredibly build-able, so you can as natural or as flushed as you want and it would still look great. As far as staying power goes, this does not disappoint. To sum, I feel like the heart-eye emoji right after putting this on. I. love. it.

Have you tried MAC Warm Soul before?

What’s your favorite blush of all time?

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