One of the things I struggle with in maintaining my interest in makeup and beauty is my desire to lead a minimalist lifestyle. It’s always fun looking at other people’s hauls and learning about the new products brands come out with, but it’s also tiring in a way. It’s overwhelming.

Now, I understand that I might just be overthinking things. I do that a lot. But don’t you sometimes look at all the products you’ve accumulated and sigh upon realizing that most of them go unused? A life of excess is enticing, but I’m not sure I’ll be at ease to try it myself.

I have the fear of wasting money on things I could have spent on food (and other things, but mostly food) instead, so I try to keep my makeup arsenal to a minimum. I also refuse to let go of products I have barely used. There have been two major downsides to the principle I am trying to live by 1) I sometimes get a serious case of FOMO and 2) I put up with a lot of mediocre products.

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It’s like going to a buffet when you’re on a diet so you settle for the lean stuff even if there are a variety of scrumptious high fat, high-calorie offerings within your reach. It’s horrible.

But apart from trying to mix makeup and minimalism, I’m also working on tempering my view on life AKA looking for the brighter side of things. And I’m quite pleased to share that I have found a way to resolve my dilemma.
While I read your reviews of the latest and snazziest, I’ll list down things to try once my bottle of a foundation has been used up or when I finally hit pan on my blush. I can also exercise my resourcefulness and creativity with what little materials I have. It’s not that bad when you think of it this way.
In keeping with the resolution I’ve devised, I’m starting a little series on my Instagram called “5 looks, 1 palette.” I’ve toyed with the idea since I started this blog, but I’m finally getting to it. I’m going to discover how to make most out of the pieces in my little collection, starting with the L.A. Girl Cosmetics High Definition Color Palette,  and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

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