I used to love the QuickFX Sunscreen. It's different now, though. Here's my review.

QuickFX Sunscreen | Review

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Update: I’ve learned that I’ve compared two different products and this was not, in fact, reformulated. Regardless, though, it still broke me out. I have not tried it again to see whether or not it would perform better.

You know how sad it is to find out that something you used to enjoy using no longer works for you? It’s a bit like learning that your favorite fast food item suddenly got a new recipe. And that’s exactly what happened to me and the Quick FX Sunscreen.

I’ve already tried this product before, back when it was still packaged in a sachet, and it worked really well for me at the time. I used it when my husband and I went for one of our motorcycle-riding trips around Batangas and Cavite, and I did not get burned. Everything was peachy. Things are not like that anymore, sadly.

Before I delve into the reason why this no longer cuts it for me, let’s talk about the facts and the products promises first.


First of all, it was a sunblock when it was packaged in a sachet. Now that it’s in a tube, which still looks similar to its previous packaging, it’s a sunscreen. Now, I’m not a cosmetic chemist. But a simple change in the name, as in this case, means a huge thing when it comes to products like this. So maybe there’s a reason — a change in formulation, perhaps — why this product didn’t work for me while the previous iteration did.

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To put simply, a sunblock is a physical sun protector while a sunscreen is a chemical sun protector. Here’s an article that can explain it better than I do.

Texture, colour, scent

A swatch of the product

It’s a thick liquid with a light peach colour that fades away once applied thoroughly on the skin. It also has that distinct sunscreen scent, which I like a lot.

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Ingredients, claims, results

While I can’t tell whether they really changed the formula for this product, I can say that the claims remain the same. The Quick FX Sunscreen claims to be an “ultra light, fast-absorbing sunblock* with broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, and helps protect against the damaging effects of the sun.” It still touts its power ingredients: niacinamide, lotus flower, and BSASM herb extracts.

As mentioned, the previous version of this product (if it did change) worked well for me. This one, however, irritated my skin. Right after putting it on, I felt a tingling, mild burning sensation and my face felt itchy. But I still wanted to confirm whether it really was the culprit because, to be fair, I did use a new moisturiser the same time I used it for the first time. So I tried it a second time and the same thing happened.

Will I try the Quick FX Sunscreen again?

Much to my sadness, no. But I am open to trying out their other products. Let me know which ones you think I should give a shot. And tell me if you’ve also tried this before and how it worked for you.

*See how their claims say it’s a sunblock. I’m so confused.

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