Rhythm of the Rain / Cold Weather Style

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It’s been raining a lot around here lately, which is typical for this time of the year.

I don’t really go out that much to begin with since I work from home but when it’s pouring hard outside, it would take the most effort for anyone to pry me away from my work station or the bed and leave the house. I figured it’s not a healthy way to go about things, though, so instead of feeling icky about the thought of going out and possibly getting my legs splattered with mud, I thought I’d approach the prospect with more positivity.

I read a quote somewhere about pushing yourself more when you’re hesitant to do something, like putting make up on when you’re having a bad day. I thought I’d apply that thought to my aversion to stepping out of the house, especially when it’s raining, by getting inspired to dress up.
Below are some of the things I would wear (granted that they’re hanging in my closet) for rainy days out.

Do you like going out even when it’s raining?
What’s your “rainy day style?”

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