Some are outrageous, some are fun. Here’s this week’s round-up of beauty news.

This week on Things People Do In the Name of Beauty: Use face products that contain beef fat. It’s almost as crazy as getting breastmilk facials. [Allure]
I love the gold lips Prada’s models sported at Milan Fashion Week. [Vogue]

Gwen’s Stefani’s teaming up with Urban Decay for a makeup collection. [PopSugar]

Dolce & Gabbana’s releasing a lipstick line inspired by the ever-fabulous Sophia Loren. [Hollywood Reporter]

Tattoos are no longer permanent, we’ve come to learn in the past few years. But if you have one and you’d like it to live on even after you’re gone, you can have it preserved and framed. [Chicago Tribune]

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Everybody’s feeling blue… as an eyeshadow color. [The Zoe Report]

L’Oreal True Match foundation got a facelift. [Facebook]


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