Here Are Fresh Ways to Style Short Hair

I’ve always wondered why my mom wore her hair super short when I was growing up. (She actually still wears her hair short till now!) But now that I’m in my 30s and have a daughter of my own, I finally understand. It’s just so easy to not have anything to put into a bun or braid. My hair is quite long now, but I’ve promised myself to get it snipped as soon as I lose some pounds (hehe). So I’ve been looking at cute ways to style short hair. Here are some of the ones I think you’d also like!

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The bob

A short hairstyle that always looks chic is the bob.

While this is a short hair style and not really a way to style short hair, I still think it’s worth including in this list. I love the blunt bob. It looks super chic.


short hair style braid

Braids are equal parts cute and chic. I think the fishtail style is even cuter cos it has a bit of boho vibes going on. Definitely bookmarking!

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Half up

The half up-do looks chic and super easy to pull off.

But truth be told, I still probably won’t have enough time to do an elaborate style for short hair. So something neat like a half up-do is perfect. The pretty waves are optional, of course. But this lived-in look is something I wish I would wake up looking like once I get the chop.

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With barrettes

hair style barrettes

Barrettes and clips have made a resurgence a few months ago but it looks like they haven’t wound down in terms of popularity. I remember doing this style when I was younger. So I’m definitely going to try it again.

With a padded headband

A style for short hair that doesn't disappoint despite being so easy to do? Using headbands.

Padded headbands are also a thing right now. And with short hair, they look incredibly chic — not to mention quite effortless to pull off.

What’s your favorite short hair style? Do let me know below!

Featured image by @cajmel/Instagram

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