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I Found Where Anne Curtis Got Her Heart-Shaped Bag From

I Found Where Anne Curtis Got Her Heart-Shaped Bag From

anne curtis heart-shaped bag

All my social media feeds are filled with stories about the popular noontime show It’s Showtime soon becoming available to watch at its network’s rival station. Well, technically, they’re no longer rivals. But as someone who doesn’t really watch TV anymore, I was more intrigued by what one of the show’s hosts posted on her Instagram account.

Anne Curtis shared a rather close-up picture of a red, heart-shaped bag, which she wore during the contract signing for the deal. To say that it caught my attention is an understatement. I wanted to know where she got it from! It’s super, super cute. It reminds me a bit of the also-popular Louis Vuitton and Coach bags. But Anne’s was a bit more on the shiny side. It reminded me of one of Barbie’s bags!

anne curtis wearing a red heart-shaped bag
Isn’t she beautiful?! Photo by @annecurtis

After a quick search, I found out that it’s by Simone Rocha. The one she wore, which has a beaded strap, was exclusively available at SSENSE. It’s now sold out, of course. Even with that fact aside, it can still be pretty inaccessible for the regular Filipina looking to style out on a budget. So, I had to look for an alternative, of course. And I found a really good one. It’s not exactly the same as what Anne wore but it definitely has the same look.

forever21 heart-shaped bag

Isn’t this Forever21 bag just as cute?! It’s definitely cheaper than the original too. So, if you wanna rock Anne’s look without having to shell out 5 digits, snap up this beauty.

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