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You’ll Love These Cheap But Pretty And Re-Wearable Wedding Dresses

You’ll Love These Cheap But Pretty And Re-Wearable Wedding Dresses

You'll love these pretty but cheap wedding dresses

Wedding season is upon us!

While I always say that I’m more into wanting a good marriage instead of a good wedding, I can’t deny that I enjoy the idea of preparing for something big. I like researching about details and putting them together. What I don’t like about weddings is the money that goes into them.

I sometimes joke with my husband about getting married again just so I could doll myself up and walk down the aisle in a pretty dress, but then I remember how impractical it is to buy an expensive frock that you can’t wear anywhere else.

If you’re planning to elope or marry your partner in an intimate and simple ceremony, here are some pretty, re-wearable, and cheap wedding dresses you might fancy wearing for the occasion.


If boho or vintage is your style, this lace midi dress is the perfect pick. It looks as carefree and romantic as you.


Love anything oversized, even for your wedding? This tent dress is made for you.


Clean lines with a hint of flow, this dress is perfect for minimalists who want a bit of movement.


Dresses with capes are all the rage right now. This minimalist take does it right for our humid weather.

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A jumpsuit in a list of cheap wedding dresses? Why not?


The asymmetrical shoulder gives just the right amount of sultriness to this dress.


A dress that’s as sweet as you? I think I’ve found it.