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Coquette Aesthetic: What It Is and How To Wear the Look

Coquette Aesthetic: What It Is and How To Wear the Look

coquette aesthetic

Consider yourself an ultra-romantic? The coquette aesthetic was made for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen the look so far, even though you may not know what it’s called. Pink? Check. Lace? Check. Bows? Check. All of them together? Check.

Is that all there is to this aesthetic? Let’s dig a little deeper!

What is the coquette aesthetic?

It’s all about embracing your inner romantic — the frills, the playful elements, the pinks.

Inspired by the definition of the word itself (“a woman who flirts”), the aesthetic has been adopted (and adapted) and popularized by many pop culture figures who embrace and indulge in sultriness and ultra-femininity. Lana Del Rey and Fiona Apple are just a couple of examples.

coquette aesthetic meaning

What is the difference between coquette and hyper girly?

There isn’t! They are the same thing. If you’d like to exude what is perceived to be a “bimbo” look — unapologetically feminine like Elle Woods or Paris Hilton — then this aesthetic (that comes in different names) is the one for you.

Coquette outfits — how to ace the look

I still believe that there are no hard rules in fashion (or style). Dressing up is a way to express yourself creatively. But if you were going for a particular look, some choice pieces will help you convey your style message more easily.

In the case of the coquette aesthetic, here are the basics:


rubi heidi hair bow
Rubi Heidi Hair Bow

Nothing looks more coquette than a bow. Whether tied to your hair or found on your dress, a bow is the perfect accessory for this look. There are no limits to what kind of bow to use either. A thin one tied to your hair styled in a half up-do is quite romantic, while a big bow on the back of your dress is just as dreamy.


pomelo lace trip detail cami top
Lace Trim Detail Cami Top

Style up like Lady Bridgerton or Marie Antoinette with a corset. It doesn’t get as ultra-feminine as this piece of clothing. Cinch and strut!

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bottomline lace cutout dress
Bottomline Lace Cutout Dress

Top, dress, jumpsuit — as long as it has lace, darling. While the material has the tendency to look stuffy, styling it with more casual pieces can bring the balance needed for the perfect coquette look.

Mary Janes

Flats are the shoes of choice for the coquette aesthetic but take it a notch further! Go for Mary Janes. They’re girly and cute. Plus points if you can find a pair that has bows on them.

woman wearing the coquette aesthetic

Pearl necklace

Accessories make or break the outfit. Make sure you’re winning in the styling department by accessorizing just right for the look. A pearl necklace is the perfect piece to seal the deal with.

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