Cottagecore Clothes: The Pieces You Need for the Whimsical Aesthetic

Here are the cottagecore clothes you need to ace the aesthetic.

If you’re looking for cottagecore clothes, I’m right there with you! The look, which has graduated as a trend and has now become a lifestyle for so many, is just so dreamy and appealing. Love it!

The aesthetic is as organic as it is majestic. And in these trying times, who wouldn’t want the peace and calmness of living in a quiet cottage in the woods, homesteading, baking bread, reading to your heart’s content, and lounging around in flowy dresses, puffed-sleeve tops, and frilly maxi dresses?

But what is cottagecore aesthetic truly about and what clothes should you wear to achieve the look? I’m here to fill you in.

where to get cottagecore clothes

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is all about romanticizing what it’s like to live a simple life. It’s cozy and uncomplicated. It also heavily hinges on sustainability and doing things with your hands — crocheting, knitting, mending clothing, embroidering, and more.

It’s what you think of when you want to move away from the hustle and bustle of modern living. In movies, you can look at Little Women and Anne of Green Gables for inspiration on nailing the look and the overall vibe of this style.

What is cottagecore clothing called?

There is no one way to define the type of clothes that fall under the cottagecore category because there are also different variations to the aesthetic. There’s cabincore, farmcore, prairiecore, and more. The clothes can also be of different cuts and styles, so long as they exude the whimsical nature of the aesthetic.

nail the cottagecore style with the help of these tips

How to wear cottagecore

If you want to get the look, here are what to search for cottagecore clothes:

  • flowy dresses
  • maxi skirts
  • billowy, puffed-sleeve tops
  • prairie dresses
  • smocked dresses
  • ruffled tops
  • square neck blouses
  • milkmaid dresses

But if you want to try cottagecore clothes that can also be worn when you want to exude a different aesthetic, you can try these:

  • deep neckline button-down shirt
  • wide leg linen trousers
  • a long cover-up
  • button-up midi dress
  • jumpsuits with puffed sleeves
  • a blouse with a peter pan collar
  • a top with embroidery

Don’t forget your accessories! Straw hats and straw bags are staples for this aesthetic.

Where to buy cottagecore clothes

Now that you know more about the aesthetic, here are some pieces you can buy now to get the look!

Ruched Puff Sleeve Cropped Top

Ruched Puff Sleeve Cropped Top – P1,649

Floral Embroidered Wrap Peasant Blouse

Floral Embroidered Wrap Peasant Blouse – P1,294

Puffed Sleeves Tweed Cropped Top

Puffed Sleeves Tweed Cropped Top – P1,294

Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Puff Sleeve Crop Top – P1,649

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Floral Mini Dress

Floral Mini Dress – P1,649

Janesuda x Pomelo Tiered Long Sleeve Top

Janesuda x Pomelo Tiered Long Sleeve Top – P2,499

Janesuda x Pomelo Lace Short Sleeve Top

Janesuda x Pomelo Lace Short Sleeve Top – P2,899

Wrap Style Butterfly Sleeves Romper

Wrap Style Butterfly Sleeves Romper – P1,202

Square Neck Floral Dress

Square Neck Floral Dress – P1,849

Embroidered Accent Culotte Pants

Embroidered Accent Culotte Pants – P1,072

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