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Croissant Bags: A Tasty Take on Parisienne Style

Croissant Bags: A Tasty Take on Parisienne Style

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We’re taking Parisian style to the next level, and adding a tasty treat-inspired accessory to our Breton stripes, capri pants, and flat sandals — croissant bags.

These pastry-looking trend first filled our feeds in 2020, but I’m still smitten by it in 2021. I’m sure you are too! The soft moon-shaped bag looks roomy yet chic — something that can be difficult to achieve.

We’re saying thanks to the Bottega Veneta Shoulder Pouch that sparked a rousing interest in this novel but oddly sleek bag style. But Daniel Lee isn’t the only creative inspired by the French pastry. We’ve also seen other brands such as Staud, Rejina Pyo, and Gia Studios giving the croissant bag their own spin.

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But, if like me, you don’t have P127,200 lying around and waiting to be spent on a designer croissant bag, you’re going to look for more affordable, easy-on-the-pocket options. If not having real leather sits well with you, you’ll find these options from high street brands — Mango, Pomelo, Guess, and more — are perfect for exuding the la Parisienne aesthetic minus the big price tag.

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Croissant Bags - Pomelo Mini Oval Hand Bag
Pomelo Mini Oval Hand Bag, Zalora
Mango Gathered Small Bag
Mango Gathered Small Bag, Zalora
Mango Twisted Strap Baguette
Mango Twisted Strap Baguette, Zalora
Mango Pleated Clutch
Mango Pleated Clutch, Zalora
Guess Central City Bag
Guess Central City Bag, Zalora
Urban Revivo Chain Clutch Bag
Urban Revivo Chain Clutch Bag, Zalora
ALDO Sabu Clutch Handbag
ALDO Sabu Clutch Handbag, Zalora
Pomelo Ruched Handbag
Pomelo Ruched Handbag, Zalora