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Fashion Trends to Try This 2021

Fashion Trends to Try This 2021

These are the fashion trends in 2021 you should know about — and try.

Fashion trends in 2021? I know it sounds ridiculous. Most of us still spend our days at home — the right thing to do if you are able, of course — and the prospect of dressing up looks quite far away. Who says you need to head out to have fun with fashion, though?

And did you know that dressing up for your work at home actually helps you feel good? It’s said to be similar to telling yourself, “I care about you.” Making a little extra effort does wonders. Sprinkle a little bit of inspiration and you have a match made in feel-good-look-good heaven.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five trends that are easy to pull off — you probably even have these items in your wardrobe already.

Loose pants

One of the rising fashion trends in 2021 is a pair of loose pants.

Comfort will always be key. 2020 was the year of cute lounge sets. This year is not much different. Fashion trends in 2021 are ruled by an elevated take on house clothes. Loose pants are here to reign. The thing to remember is the fabric. You’ll want something that’s easy on the skin but still looks polished — think linen or chambray.

XL shirts

The looser, the better is the most important fashion trend of the year.

Let loose, wear loose. Oversized shirts, whether with buttons or not, are your must-haves for this year. Instead of your favorite tattered tshirt (I have one, for sure), opt for a large men’s shirt that you can style when needed a.k.a. that Zoom call that should’ve been an email instead.

Puffed sleeves

Easy, breezy, puffed sleeves are a trend we're betting on.

Puffed sleeves are back in the limelight, thanks to cottagecore and regency-core, and tbh, it’s one of the fashion trends in 2021 that I’m most excited about. I’ve always loved dramatic sleeves because they not only make me feel regal but also give my armpits room to breathe, haha.

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Midi skirts

Mind's made up about midi as a trend.

These in-between skirts look so posh. Why would you want to look posh at home? Why wouldn’t you want to? You deserve this oomph in your style and mood. But, as always, when it comes to bottoms, don’t just mind the length or cut, the fabric is of the utmost importance. Avoid denim, especially if you’ll be wearing it the entire day. Pair it with a puffed sleeve or an oversized shirt, cinch it with a belt, and even wear heels if you can or want to!

Animal print

Polarizing? Yes. Looks good? Also yes.

This one might be the most controversial amongst the fashion trends in 2021, but hear me out: it’s all about the print and the cut of the garment. Animal prints can look gaudy, dated, or tacky, but they can also be chic and elegant. You just have to find the right style!

Which of these trends will you be rocking?

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