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5 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Fine Jewelry in the Philippines

5 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Fine Jewelry in the Philippines

Here's where to buy fine jewelry in the Philippines online.

One of the things my overseas Filipino worker father always brings us home after his contracts expire is fine jewelry. But I’ve never taken a liking to them… until now.

I guess it comes with age — when you get older, you realize that it’s better to save up and invest in things that last instead of getting something cheap right away.

Here's where you can buy fine jewelry online if you're in the Philippines.

While it may also seem like something that should be out of the picture considering the current health situation, owning fine jewelry in the Philippines can prove to be quite useful because these pieces can actually serve as some type of investment. (I know this from experience. We used to pawn our jewelry a lot when we were younger.)

But even without the investment aspect, owning and wearing fine jewelry is great if it’s your thing! If you’re looking to add to your collection or just starting, here’s where you can buy pieces online in the Philippines.


Gemline specializes in gold jewelry. The brand’s pieces are a mix of classics and trend-let items. I noticed they periodically offer sales and you can pay the discounted price in three installments.

Miladay Jewels

Miladay Jewels is the priciest among the bunch but only because as the brand’s name suggests, it offers real jewels — no cubic zirconia in its pieces. Keep an eye out for their ‘Great Red Tag Sale’, where you can avail of pieces at 50% off.

Suki Jewelry

Suki Jewelry is a bit more modern and on-trend than the others on this list. The pieces call out to millennials, I feel (because I really did hear the call and the brand’s offerings do appeal to me). The prices are varied too; you can snap up a bracelet for P3,700 or shell out P70,000 for a pair of earrings.

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Modern Myth

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If you’re a minimalist, you’re gonna love Modern Myth’s pieces. The brand’s Second Skin collection is especially great for daily wear (but, of course, if you want to wear more flamboyant pieces on the regular, you definitely can). Aside from fine jewelry, this store also carries demi-fine pieces.


Zalora’s stepping up its game. Fine jewelry have been made available on the e-commerce platform as part of its luxury category. The e-tailer currently carries two of the bigger jewelers in the Philippines: Karat World and Cebuana Lhuillier Jewelry.

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