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These Sandals Look Just Like the Hermes Oran

These Sandals Look Just Like the Hermes Oran

hermes oran sandals dupes

I’m sure you’ve seen the Hermes Oran sandals before. Or you may have not known what they were but still saw them on your social media feed, on celebrities and influencers.

A quick search of the hashtag on Instagram yields more than a hundred thousand results. Look for it on Google and you’ll find countless curations dedicated to it.

What are Hermes Oran sandals?

The Hermes Oran sandals were created by Pierre Hardy for the French fashion house in 1997. The idea behind it was to make a pair that looks like one is “walking barefoot.” Hardy said he was inspired by a drawing from the African Ndele tribe, which was later adapted into an H (which, of course, stands for Hermes). The sandals were released, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On why they are incredibly popular, though, Hardy told The Telegraph: “I don’t know! There is something that you can’t explain.”

I’m guessing it’s because the style is timeless. It’s really a simple pair of sandals! No frills, no gimmicks — you wear ’em and pair ’em with anything and go.

They come in 40 styles now, too. From studded to brights, there’s a pair of Hermes Oran sandals to match your style (and outfit).

Hermes Oran sandals dupe in the Philippines

That said, a pair will set you back P30,000~. You may want to get the look but don’t really want to (or can’t) spend that much. What now? Dupes to the rescue. I’ve gathered some really close-looking Hermes Oran sandals dupes in the Philippines — and you can buy them all online. Most of them are made in the Philippines too!

hermes oran sandals dupes - Steve Madden Ebonie Flats

Steve Madden Ebonie Flats, P3,250

CLN Saylor Sandals

CLN Saylor Sandals, P1,299

CLN Bathsheba Sandals

CLN Bathsheba Sandals, P999

Melissa Essential Mix Sandals

Melissa Essential Mix Sandals, P1,995

CLN Capetown Sandals

CLN Capetown Sandals, P,1299

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BETSY Vicky Sandals

BETSY Vicky Sandals, P,1179

UNLISTED Hannah Slides

UNLISTED Hannah Slides, P999

Billini Havita Sandals

Billini Havita Sandals, P1,279

Mango Leather Strap Sandals

Mango Leather Strap Sandals, P2,295

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