Kate Spade: I Covet Thee

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to justify spending thousands of pesos on a handbag, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the hard work put into each piece. And don’t get me started on the design!

I think I’m too scared to own an expensive handbag though. I passed by the luxury stores at Shangri-La mall one time while on my way from a meeting with a client and couldn’t help but ogle at all the leather and suede and gold! I think I was more frightened than amazed though. I can’t imagine dangling a P150,000 piece of anything on my hand.

If I ever get the courage (ha, it sounds silly) and the money (of course), I think I still won’t go for the bigger names. I’ll be happy holding on to anything from Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade’s designs. They’re simple with a touch of quirk. Below are some of the ones I’ve been salivating over.

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What are your thoughts on designer handbags? 

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