Loewe Is Leading: Spanish Luxury Fashion House Named Hottest in the World


Yes, Loewe is currently the number 1 fashion brand in the world.

The Spanish luxury brand topped Lyst’s quarterly index for Q2 2023, and we can’t say we’re surprised. The brand has been on a roll — from creating the iconic custom look for Beyonce’s Renaissance tour (the bodysuit with arms, in case you’re wondering) to releasing a new member of the puzzle collection.

loewe puzzle tote bag
Loewe Puzzle Tote Bag

Aside from the new releases, Loewe’s tried-and-true style staples dominated searches and shopping carts. The house’s Anagram tank top, notably spotted on Kylie Jenner, and the ever-famous basket bag continue to be on people’s wishlists.

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If you’re not ready to splurge on the brand yet, here are 5 basket bags that are just as pretty as the ones from Loewe but definitely cheaper.

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