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This Capsule Collection Invites You To Inject Color Into Your Wardrobe

This Capsule Collection Invites You To Inject Color Into Your Wardrobe

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“Your houses look the same,” I thought to myself while scrolling through quick videos of rooms designed with utter minimalism in mind — beige, cream, and, well, boring.

The bad news is this lack-of-color epidemic has transcended the world of fashion. Take a look at your feed and you’ll see influencers wearing nothing but black, grey, white — the boring stuff.

I know. You might think it’s not really a big deal. (Or that I’m just a hater.) People just prefer simpler, more streamlined things now. I mean, my 90% ukay-sourced wardrobe is black but I’m getting worried. The world is losing color, according to an AI research. We’re bound to lose vibrance, zest, identity… joy.

The best way to counter this, of course, is to inject color into as many aspects of your life as you can! Why not start with your wardrobe?

Check this out, mate: the latest Monki capsule collection

Monki’s latest capsule collection invites you to do just that. Make your maximalist dreams come true with coats, skirts, dresses and scarves bearing big, bold check patterns in vibrant hues.

Got inspired to add colors to your outfits? The latest Monki capsule collection will be available by the end of the month.

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Monki has two stores in the Philippines — one is in Megamall and the other is in MOA. It’s available on Zalora too.