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11 Nude Sandals You’re Gonna Wanna Wear All the Time

11 Nude Sandals You’re Gonna Wanna Wear All the Time

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There are no rules in fashion — no matter what they tell you; just wear whatever the heck you want. That said, there are some things that just make sense and will always be ‘in style’. Case in point: nude sandals.

Since we live in a tropical country, anything open-toed is welcome; sandals and slides are staples. This makes the selection abundant (yay!) but often overwhelming (nay).

The good news is, when it comes to fashion (and maybe also beauty — but please, never politics), if you’re in doubt, go neutral. You can never go wrong with the holy trinity of classic, chic style: black, white and nude.

Now, of course, nude is not just one color. It will depend on your skin color. So whatever looks “nude” on you or the one that’s closest to your natural skin color is nude — whether that’s beige, brown, tan, et cetera.

How to style nude sandals

Since nude sandals are neutral, they can go with practically anything. You can go the all-neutral, monochromatic route popularized by Kim Kardashian (thanks to ex-husband Kanye West’s styling). Or you can also do color galore and use nude to balance things out. The styling options are truly endless — it’s up to you.

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Shop nude sandals

If you’re ready to get styling with nude sandals but don’t know where to start — I know it can get quite overwhelming — here are 11 that are on my wishlist right now.

Billini Guava Sandals
Billini Guava Sandals, Zalora
Violeta by Mango Leather Strap Sandals
Violeta by Mango Leather Strap Sandals, Zalora
Vero Moda Tonic Leather Sandals
Vero Moda Tonic Leather Sandals, Zalora
Timberland Chicago Riverside Backstrap Sandals
Timberland Chicago Riverside Backstrap Sandals, Zalora
The Lounge Edit Ruth Sandals
The Lounge Edit Ruth Sandals, Zalora
Therapy Dauphin Sandals
Therapy Dauphin Sandals, Zalora
Zaxy Link Sand and Nude Sandals
Zaxy Link Sand and Nude Sandals, Zalora
Mango Criss-Cross Leather Strap Sandals
Mango Criss-Cross Leather Strap Sandals, Zalora
Vero Moda May Leather Sandals
Vero Moda May Leather Sandals, Zalora
Pieces Audrey Leather Sandals
Pieces Audrey Leather Sandals, Zalora
Milliot & Co. Sleek Open Toe Sandals
Milliot & Co. Sleek Open Toe Sandals, Zalora

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