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12 Chic Small Backpacks for Women

12 Chic Small Backpacks for Women

small backpacks for women

After college, I morphed into a tote bag girl. But I’m ready to go back to my roots and give small backpacks another chance. I know we women love our handbags, but I do miss the casual, laid-back, playful vibes a backpack gives off. Do you too?

small backpacks for women

When were mini backpacks popular?

The ’90s were all about all things mini — from straps on tops to bags. So mini backpacks were all the rage at the time. Cher from the movie Clueless is one of the more iconic characters on screen to sport the style.

The style went back into circulation circa 2016, with the likes of model Gigi Hadid wearing it. And now it looks like it’s about to make the rounds again.

Are they still in style?

With the resurgence of ’90s style, the small backpack is back in the limelight. Though if you never really saw them as passé, I’m with you.

Fashion trends tend to recycle themselves a couple of decades down the line, but if you’ve always been a big fan of mini backpacks and have worn them since you first got them, I got you!

While the fashion world may say that there are things that are “in”, it’s still up to your personal style at the end of the day.

The look being ‘in style’ means there will be lots more options for you to choose from though.

Small backpacks for women

If you don’t have one in your collection yet or are looking for something to add to your stash, you’ll find that there are quite a few chic pieces out right now on the market.

There’s a good variety in terms of the pricing too. So whether you’re looking for something casual or more luxe, you’re bound to find a small backpack that fits your personal style and need just right.

Here are just some of the pretty good contenders I’ve found.

coach jordyn backpack

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