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Still on a Strawberry Dress High? You’ll Love These

Still on a Strawberry Dress High? You’ll Love These

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We’re sure you’ve seen the strawberry dress that took over TikTok last year (whether or not you’re on the app or not). (Minor/major detail: Harry Styles wore it too.) The Lirika Matoshi creation has been an object on many wishlists and Pinterest boards. And we don’t blame you if you still dream about it to this day!

Why the strawberry dress became popular

There is a multitude of reasons, of course. But one that is often said is its ability to transport us to happier, more times during a challenging present. The dress is whimsical and takes us back to scenes from our childhood or whatever point in our lives we regard as good or happy, even though the memories may not be of strawberry-picking in particular.

The creator of the dress herself says so. “It reminds you of better times,” Lirika told the New York Times.

As we continue to try to contain the coronavirus, we continue to dream of better days. And this is maybe why we’re still on a strawberry dress high.

The thing is, we can’t all just get the Lirika Matoshi dress. If we could all afford it, of course, it’s possible. But seeing as we can not all shell out USD490 (~P23,000), we can continue to covet it while wearing pieces inspired by it.

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Cover image by @lirika.matoshi