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Where to Get Sustainable Y2k Clothing in the Philippines

Where to Get Sustainable Y2k Clothing in the Philippines

Where to get Y2K clothing in the Philippines

It’s no secret that fashion trends resurface after some time. As someone who was a teen in the noughties, though, I have to admit that it’s kind of weird to see Y2K clothing being on trend again.

Of course, during that time, we thought we all looked great in our outfits. Fast forward to five years later and we were already questioning what we were thinking. Now, it’s apparently cool for teens again. Some of them are even dressing up the way pop stars did during that time. Truly weird, but also truly fascinating.

If you want to hop on the trend (again), have fun! I’ll even help you out. Here are some places to get Y2K clothing in the Philippines. P.S. All of them are secondhand clothing stores โ€” yay for sustainability!

Oak Store

Picnic Mood

Solana Vintage

To Anyone Shop

Laze by Maria

Know other stores that sell sustainable Y2K clothing in the Philippines? Let me know below.

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