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Tee Story

Tee Story


T-shirts were all I wore when I was in high school. I remember owning one that was given by a cousin who’s a few years older than me. It was blue, which at the time was my favorite color, and bore words by Kahlil Gibran or another author I cannot recall the name of. It was one of my favorite shirts, partly for its sentimental value, but mostly because the print was inspirational — it was like my statement to the world — although I don’t remember what it said anymore.

Another shirt I wore a lot said “I heart bad boys.”

I used to put my heart on my shirt but these days I hardly wear shirts anymore. I don’t go around naked, of course. T-shirts, especially those that have statements on them, have not inhabited my closet in a long time. I don’t recall whether it was a conscious effort or not but when I started working, I stopped wearing t-shirts. My go-to pieces were off-the-shoulder tops, blouses that have different cuts.

Now that I’m looking after a toddler, though, I long for the comfort of not thinking about what to wear. I still dress up every once in a while, but most days I’d be happy to get out the door wearing my former go-to (signature?) look: a printed tee, flared jeans and a pair of flip-flops. I still want to veer away from statement shirts; I feel like I’m too old to parade my views that way. I haven’t been very successful at increasing my t-shirt number, though. The current count is 1.

But since I’m on a self-imposed minimalist, no-buying-new-things-when-my-current-stash-is-still-good set-up, I figured I’d look for ways to part with used clothes I no longer plan on wearing before buying new shirts. I’ve got my eyes on a few ones I want to score, though. Here they are.

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