To the Trash They Go

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I just realized that I’ve been keeping a few empty product bottles for a month or so now, and I should finally throw them to the bin. It’s that time again where we talk trash, my friends. Below are some of the products I’ve used up and what I think about them.

I’ve already thrown away my bottle of the Burt’s Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions cleanser because it had expired, so I wasn’t able to take a photo of it anymore . Before it went bad, though, I was able to finish the toner that came with it. If you haven’t already, read my review on the entire line here.

I go by the three-month rule when it comes to mascara, so it was high time I disposed of the BCL Brow Lash Ex. It was good when it lasted. It kept its promise of lengthening my lashes. It didn’t turn my tiny hairs into a clumpy mess. It worked well! The only problem I had with it was it took some of my lashes out. By the time I was ready to part with it, it already smelled weird. I’m not sure whether it was caused by the heat here or it was just the product’s way of informing me that it’s no longer going to serve me.

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The ELF Treat and Tame eyebrow product served me well, too. The clear gel, however, emptied a lot earlier than I would have liked. So I was left to using just the fiber-like gel. It has gold speckles, but it doesn’t really make my brows glitter. On the tube it’s brown, but on my brows it looks rather greyish. Without the clear gel, it doesn’t stay on for long. It’s also not smudge-proof. Still, it’s a good product for when you want to give your brows a naturally polished look.

I’ve also finished tiny bottles of Moringa O2 shampoo and conditioner. I’ve noticed that my hair eventually became softer after using it, but I’m still unsure about whether I’d put my trust on the products because they have dimethicone. I’m using bigger bottles, and I’m about to finish them soon. A proper review will be out once I’ve decided what I think about them.

Have you emptied products lately? 

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