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Tontouring, Harry Potter Lipsticks + More / Beauty Buzz

Tontouring, Harry Potter Lipsticks + More / Beauty Buzz

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Things got a little hectic last week so I missed a Beauty Buzz post, but I have tons of news for you this week.

I don’t care about contouring that much. A lot of people have said that the technique is something of a game-changer for them in terms of applying makeup. The craze started by the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s makeup artists have blown up a couple of years ago and it seems it won’t be going away anytime soon.

You may have already heard of clown contouring. It follows the same principles of contouring, but the products are applied to look like a clown’s makeup.

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If you think that’s already weirdly fascinating, it doesn’t stop there. There’s also henna contouring.

And now, there’s this: “tontouring” or contouring using fake tanning products.

LASplash Cosmetics released Harry Potter lipsticks for all of you Potterheads out there! [Buzzfeed]

Indie nail polish brand Mentality has received flak for its products. Their nail polishes have allegedly caused damage (lifting! staining! ah!) to customers’ nails. [Look]

So, cactus water is apparently the new coconut water. [Vogue]

Whoa! Black tattoo ink can help prevent skin cancer? What?! [PopSugar]

Get rid of that old lipgloss! Research says using makeup products that are a few months out of date might contain deadly bacteria. [Marie Claire]

There are good bacteria, though, and they might help solve acne problems. [W]

Oldest sisters are supposedly more prone to becoming overweight. [Telegraph]

If you’re the oldest sister in your family and are overweight, crystal therapy might help you shed some pounds. [Elle]

What beauty news did you hear this week?

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