Top 5 Beauty Blogs 2015

I’ve been here — here, as in writing and (over)sharing —  on and off since I resurrected this little corner in July, but I’ve been around the web all year, reading through hundreds of blogs.

While I spend a lot of time online, I keep my beauty reading list to a minimum. There are a few favorites I hold near and dear. And I’d like to share them with you. Here are my Top 5 Beauty Blogs in 2015. I’ll try to give you a picture of what the sites are about, but I suggest you pore over each of them on your own in order to appreciate their wonders.

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1. Millihelen

Millihelen is the now-defunct beauty section of Jezebel. It was the best beauty blog out there, but you know, it’s dead now. So, I’d have to look for another favorite. Unlike most beauty blogs, including this one, Millihelen was written by a number of writers. There was something for everyone — from beauty box subscription reviews to product diaries to weird aesthetic procedures. And the community is amazing. I’ve always enjoyed reading through the comments section of Gawker Media sites. Ah, long live Millihelen.

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2. xoVain

xoVain is similar to Millihelen, minus the snark. They also have different writers so whether you have oily skin or dry hair, you’ll find something to relate to.

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3. Softly Sometimes

Carina’s blog is everything you’d want from a beauty blog. It’s well-written and has great photos. Head over to her site now.

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4. Scatterbraintures

Rae’s blog is well-written and very informative. What I found fascinating when I discovered her blog was the attention she paid to product ingredients. I know a lot of people do that, but I saw it first from her.

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5. Go for Garbo

Sasha is my favorite Filipino blogger. If you like books as much as you like beauty, you’ll cry over how wonderful her book blog Other Sashas is. When I grow up, I want to be able to write as well as Sasha.

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Which beauty blog did you read religiously this year?
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