My sartorial choices always gear towards the neutral palette. I’m almost always in black, white or grey. But there are just some occasions that call for a splash of color, a dose of pattern.

It’s already summer here in my side of the world, which gives everyone the excuse to wear loud colors and screaming patterns. While I’m all for dressing up any way you want, no matter the occasion, I’m also a huge follower of situational dressing.

This collection is not available where I’m from, but it does encapsulate the idea of summer, which I think is great. They pieces are bold and bright and fun! Here are my top picks.

While I would occasionally bend my black-and-white rule when it comes to dressing, I still try to keep things as minimalist as possible when it comes to home decor. I love things that look clean and fresh. Here are some of my picks for the home. They’re a mixture of simple and quirky. Totally up my alley.

lily pulitzer for target home
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