‘Twas a Mad Month / March 2016

What a month it has been. I don’t remember my mindset before letting March’s whirlwind take over my life, but I will never forget that it was a crazy good month.

I’ve written a couple of posts this month, I think, but I haven’t mentioned the best thing that happened to me this month yet. I’m now a staff writer for Project Vanity!!! Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just writing for the top beauty source in the Philippines. The site started out as a beauty blog by Liz Lanuzo, but now it’s a beauty portal. And I’m a part of it!!! (In case they’ll be reading this, I’d like to extend my thanks to Liz for allowing me to contribute to her well-loved space, Den for making me sound more coherent and fun-to-read, my fellow staff writers for writing cool and insightful articles, and Rae for letting me know of the opportunity and putting up with my awkwardness in person. Hehehe.)

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So, I write for a beauty portal now. What does it mean for this blog? Well, at first, I thought of shutting this down because I’m finding it hard to keep it afloat anyway. But you know, when you’re surrounded by driven, creative people, you can’t help but feel inspired to step up your own game. So, this will stay alive, and hopefully, someday it actually thrives. I still don’t know what this space is for, other than a venue for my ramblings about beauty and the dire state of my skin. But it’s going to stay up because even though I don’t think about it and say it a lot, this blog has brought me joy and opened opportunities for me. Maybe I should spend more time on this space as a thank you. We’ll see.

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If you weren’t here much either, here are some of the things you might have missed: my thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s nth time to pose a nude photo of herself online, beauty stuff I’ve used up, a review on a foundation from a local brand, the things I do when I’m on my period, and the best deodorant on planet Earth.

How was March for you? What are your plans for April?
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