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‘Twas a Mad Year / Mad Cherry Anniversary

‘Twas a Mad Year / Mad Cherry Anniversary


Technically, this blog is a year and some months old. But on this day last year, I bought a domain to give this space some sense of formality. What for, I don’t recall anymore. But here we are. It’s been a mad year.

I’m not here often, but the times I was here have helped lead me to so many cool opportunities. I was able to work for a few brands. I got a writing gig. And I made new friends.

Starting out this blog, I had a lot of goals. I was able to achieve some of them, while most of them I don’t even remember anymore. Right now, though, I just want to be able to write more and learn more. Hopefully, I’ll be here more than I was the past year. No promises, though. If you were here when I first got here, thanks for being here still. If you’re new to this space, welcome. Here’s to (hopefully) a few more years of babbling about beauty.

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