Upping My Style Game In 5 Easy Steps

Despite my longstanding fascination with style and fashion, I have never been one to go all-out in terms of dressing up. I’m definitely more inclined to plan an outfit than my husband, but my sartorial choices, most of the time, are on the casual side, especially since I work at home. Rare are the days I give a thought to the clothes I put on.

I want to change that, though.

Last Sunday, I shook off my natural tendency to pick out a pair of jeans and a white shirt and decided to unearth long forgotten pieces in my wardrobe. The change felt good, not in a life-changing way, but it was refreshing. My style slump had been going on for a while, it seemed, because my husband who usually doesn’t mind the way I look took notice of my effort. “It’s different,” he said, “but a good kind of different.” And I agree.

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I’ve read that many successful people, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, choose to wear the same type of clothing daily to save time. While that’s notable, I’d like to do the opposite. I’ve thought a lot about the things I do lately and have learned that I don’t give much of myself to anything besides my family and my work.

Sure, it may sound excessive and absurd but I want to start putting more thought and heart into everything I do — even if it’s something as seemingly mundane as dressing up. So here’s how I’m planning to up my style game.

Closet Purge

Earlier this year, I gave away half of the contents of my closet. I’ve replaced them with new articles of clothing, but I feel like my wardrobe needs another cleanse.

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Invest in good quality clothing

I’ve long grown tired of fast fashion and keeping up with the trends, but I haven’t really started investing in pieces that could last me decades. I have a skirt of my mother’s — she bought it when she was pregnant with me 26 years ago — and it’s still in mint condition. I’d like to start collecting items I can also eventually pass on to my daughter.

Stock up on classic pieces

I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the thought of having only a few items of clothing. I tire of things easily, but that’s a trait I want to discard. So I want to start practicing by filling my closet with maybe just three or four styles of clothing: jeans, plain tops, and plain skirts.

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Be adventurous with accessories

Since my wardrobe will be inhabited by neutrals and everything plain, I’ll spruce things up through accessories. I’ve taken a liking to scarves and would like to continue collecting more designs.

Try something new every once in a while

I commit to experimenting and dipping my toes into new water once in a while to keep my perspective fresh. (Yes, I’m still talking about clothes.)

Do you want to step up your style game too? How do you plan to do it?

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