I’ve been playing Genshin Impact with our daughter since November last year (though she plays it more than I do now), and we’ve both become quite fascinated with it. She, with the game and the story, and I with the food. After learning from her what Venti’s favorite food is (which apparently is just apple!), I got curious to know more about the other food offered in the game and if we can recreate them.

Venti's favorite food is apparently apple.
The tone-deaf bard *wink* Venti’s favorite food is apparently apple.

After a few searches on YouTube, I’ve found the ones we’re likely able to make at home.

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Almond Tofu

This dessert is surprising not actually tofu, but tasty nonetheless. It’s like gelatin with almond flavor — quite easy to recreate.

Noelle’s Specialty: Lighter than Air Pancakes

We’re pancake fans but we’ve never tried making them from scratch. This might be the perfect opportunity to do so. Our daughter loves chocolate, too, so this is just the right recipe to try.

Golden Shrimp Balls

This one’s a bit more laborious to make than I would like but if our daughter ever requests for this, I’m surely gonna give it a try. I love shrimp (and most seafoods)!

Barbara’s Specialty: Spicy Stew

My husband’s not a fan of chicken with sauces or soups (except curry and adobo), but I think he’ll like this. He likes spicy food a lot!

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Golden Crab

We usually just boil crabs with salt. I know! It’s time to branch out and try new things. We’re starting with this recipe.

Fan or not, these recipes are easy to do and look delicious too.

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