Summer started in our part of the world a little over a month ago. A lot of my (Facebook) friends have already gone to the beach. I haven’t seen a huge body of water since the year started but I’m hoping to finally dip my toes into some sand and swim to my heart’s content before the wet, cold weather arrives again.

When I’m at the beach, I don’t really care much about anything else but the water and, well, food. I’ve never been the type to put much thought on swimwear or resort ensembles. Mostly it’s because I don’t want to think of anything else but swimming and enjoying time with my loved ones, but sometimes the act of not caring about what to wear stems from many body issues, which I would save for another post.

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If I ever wake up one day feeling like I need to dress up for the beach (and feel comfortable about it), I would definitely don one of these 5 vintage-inspired swimwear.

topshop scallop swimsuit
My favorite part about this swimsuit is the scallops. I think they give a dainty little touch to the garment.
topshop tropical print swimsuit
This one is more of a modern take on the classic look. The bold prints definitely make this piece (or two-piece) stand out.
mango printed swimsuit
This, for me, is like the swimsuit version of a printed maxi dress. It’s simple in theory, but the prints make it not so typical.
asos monki laurelle spotty swimsuit
I love polkadots/dot prints! That’s really the only reason why I chose this piece.
asos jack wills clayton strapless bandeau bikini
This one’s the most daring out of the five if you ask me. But the classic look is not lost on it. It’s very reminiscent of ’50s sailor-inspired swimwear pieces.
Have you gone to the beach yet? Which of these vintage-inspired swimwear would you choose?
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