Wedding Dress: Inexpensive Picks For Your Big Day

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Wedding season is upon us! 
My husband’s cousin is getting married on Friday and I’ll be doing her make-up, which is exciting, touching and nerve-wracking. One of my husband’s former classmates also informed him that he and her longtime girlfriend will tie the knot in July and that we’re invited to the celebration. I’ve also been seeing a lot of posts from (Facebook) friends about people getting engaged and getting hitched and I love it. 
While I always say that I’m more into wanting a good marriage instead of a good wedding, I can’t deny that I enjoy the idea of preparing for something big. I like researching about details and putting them together. What I don’t like about weddings is the money that goes into it. 
I sometimes joke my husband about getting married again just so I could doll myself up and walk down the aisle in a pretty dress, but then I remember how impractical it is to buy an expensive frock that you can’t wear anywhere else.
If you’re planning to elope or marry your partner in a simple ceremony, here are some dresses you might fancy wearing for the occasion. They’re 1) pretty 2) inexpensive and 3) re-wearable.
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