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benefits of journaling

3 Big Benefits of Journaling

I’ve always loved journaling. Documenting my life, thoughts and feelings is something I’ve always done.…

deep cleansing foot pads in the uae

Deep Cleansing Foot Pads — Do They Work? Where To Get Them

I remember one of our neighbors sold my mom deep cleansing foot pads when I…

sleep health benefits

The Importance of Having Enough Sleep

How to get good quality zzzzzs.

Here's what it's like to have long COVID in the Philippines.

Coping With Long COVID in the Philippines: Our Experience

COVID’s basically a part of our lives now, but long COVID in the Philippines is…

love handle workouts free at home

Looking for Love Handle Workouts? Here Are 5 to Try Now

Ah, love handles. Despite their name, they’re parts of the body that many people dislike…

The thing about aging is... it actually shouldn't be scary.

Aging Is Not My Thing (Yet), So Here’s How I’ve Been Dealing With It

There was a selfie I posted as an Instagram Story in my now-defunct and short-lived…

workout quotes

Workout Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated

As someone who’s been going on and off with their fitness journey, I know that…