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Subscribe to These Fitness YouTube Channels this Year

Subscribe to These Fitness YouTube Channels this Year

Subscribe to these fitness YouTube channels and get moving!

If like me, you have “getting into fitness” as one of your goals for this year, you’ve already made plans if not already started getting into some kind of routine. If hiring a professional trainer is out of the picture, fitness YouTube channels are the next best thing to help guide you.

There are tons, of course, and you’ve probably already heard of the ultra-popular ones (you know, Chloe Ting and Kayla Itsines, just to name a couple). So here’s my list of fitness YouTubers whose workouts have helped me not just sweat it out but also stay interested in working out.

Here are the fitness YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2021.


Maddie’s channel is a recent discovery for me, but it’s now become my go-to. Most of her workouts kick my ass but I don’t feel too bad while doing them that I stop and look for something else.

I’ve tried some of her dance workouts, and they’re fun! My favorite, though, is her full body workout with warmup and cool down already integrated into the routine. I also feel so motivated doing her workouts because she’s toned like crazy — goals!

Emi Wong

Emi Wong’s was one of the fitness YouTube channels I discovered last year when I decided to finally do something about my sedentary lifestyle.

I don’t remember which keyword I used that led me to her, but I remember doing her 30-minute HIIT workouts at first before moving on to her 15- and 30-day challenges. Her workouts helped me lose five kilos!

At the time, I was determined to transform my body enough to send an #EmiTransform post. I got burnt out, though, and realized I was pushing myself harder than I should have and so I took a pause — a really long one — and only got back to moving again.

Her workouts are hard, but they’re the ones that really made me see a visible difference. I’m not ready to go back to them yet though; I’m trying to take things slow so I don’t get burnt out again.

Yoga with Adriene

Speaking of taking things slow, I also tried yoga to ease my way back into the groove of working out. I searched for a yoga beginner’s routine and settled on the top result, which was Yoga with Adriene.

It turned out to be a good decision! I’ve never been flexible, but doing Adriene’s routines makes me believe that I am, I just need practice. Technically, that’s really what it is but she makes the routines so easy to follow. I felt like I’ve been doing yoga for years even though it was my first time (in a while).


FitnessBlender is, I’d like to say, one of the OGs of the fitness YouTube space. I remember following their workouts in 2018 because they were straightforward. They have a white background that keeps you focused on just the moves they’re doing.

I still use their warm-up and cool-down exercises from time to time, though I haven’t done one of their routines in a while. Maybe one of these days! They’re still one of the best.

Body Project

My husband and I did Body Project workouts at the start of the pandemic, with the goal to keep fit and stay healthy. He’s moved on to biking, though, so I’m the only one doing at-home workouts now.

Body Project is one of my go-to fitness YouTube channels, specifically for cardio exercises. The routines are fun to follow despite being hard. The cardio starter video is definitely the one you should do first because the other ones (except for those that are low impact) are quite intense.

I hope these channels help you on your fitness journey as they did on mine!