Hush Cut — Everything You Need To Know About This K-Beauty Trend

hush cut

Ready to embrace your edgy-romantic era? The trending hush cut can help you fulfill that plan. It’s feminine yet exudes a laid-back and untamed feel. It might just be what you need to shake up your style. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

hush cut
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What is the hush cut?

The hush cut is a wispy, layered hairstyle that’s like a distant cousin of the octopus haircut and the shag. In some ways, it can also be likened to the wolf cut.

The style has an S-shape around the face. It also has a long fringe like curtain bangs and the layers have quite a difference in length with one another (which makes it similar to the wolf cut and the octopus cut).

What’s the difference between hush cut and wolf cut?

While these two cuts may look similar, the biggest difference lies in the way the layers are kept for each look. The wolf cut is a bit more similar to the shag, where the cut is a bit edgier and the locks have a bit more variation in terms of the layers.

Meanwhile, the hush cut is more distinct in how the overall look follows a more traditional, romantic style (long, lush). The layers are softer and longer too. In all, it’s wispy, dainty and just the right kind of edgy.

Is hush cut easy to maintain?

Since it’s a bit like the wolf cut, it’s also pretty easy to maintain. There’s no need for a fancy hair tool, just your trusty blow drier and hair brush will do. You can choose to get a lived-in look and just dry your hair like you normally would or try flipping the ends for a ’70s-inspired wispy vibe. You may opt to style it with a volumizer or let it air dry for a more natural look too.

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The hush cut is also great for all types of hair texture. Whether you’re looking to give your thin hair volume or remove some weight from your thick locks, this style can work for you. It’s quite flattering for all face shapes too.

Looking to get this cut? Make sure you take care of your hair to preserve the beauty of this style. Check these out:

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