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DIY Surface Cleaner — With Just Two Ingredients

This DIY surface cleaner requires only two ingredients — and you don't need to buy them.

The longest quarantine in the world has made me try so many new homemaking-related things. I’ve sadly not turned into a baker yet, but I’ve become more diligent and focused about cleaning and fixing the house. I’ve taken up plant parenthood too, but that’s a story for another day. For now, let me share this …

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5 Indoor Plants For Newbie Carers

Here are five indoor plants that are great for beginner plant carers.

Like many millennials — and people of different ages who found themselves looking for substitutes for traveling while in quarantine — I’ve found peace and solace in gardening and taking care of indoor plants. I’ve long wanted to have plants but we move too often so it was often banked as something we’d do when …

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July Is My January

As far as this site goes, July is January. Feeling giddy and overwhelmed with excitement, I bought the domain for this sometime in July three or four years ago. It was a move I thought was the beginning of something big. Fast forward to now and it feels incredibly insensitive — foolish, even — to …

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You’ll Love This Easy Orangey French Toast Recipe

Here's an easy french toast recipe with a zesty twist.

As our household’s designated cook, I’ve had to be creative in the kitchen, especially during the lockdown period. I’m not a great cook yet but I feel more comfortable whipping things up now, and this Orangey French Toast is one I’m proud to be able to include in my can’t-mess-up list of recipes. It’s always …

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Book Chat: Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

I’d written about this book before but the post was deleted when I forgot to renew my site’s hosting. So here it is again because it’ Mother’s Day and it feels like the right time to (re)share. I’ve refused to celebrate occasions just because I feel like they’ve become quite capitalistic (and consumerist). Yes, I …

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No Zero Days: Here’s Why I’m Aiming For Them

Ever since learning about no zero days, I've committed to having them consistently.

These days are harder than most. The uncertainty of the future is even stronger now. Doesn’t everything just make you want to curl up and watch days go by? It truly sounds tempting. But, of course, it’s not something we’d be happy we did, in hindsight. So I’m committing myself to having no zero days. …