Looking for a new job? Here are resume writing tips you need to learn.
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Resume Writing Tips to Help You Get Noticed

Let’s be real: Finding a job can be a gruelling process. From looking for the perfect one that fits your skills to actually getting your application noticed, it’s a challenge that takes lots of time, effort and patience. And while they say first impressions don’t last, they certainly inform whether or not you’ll have a …

Here's a nifty guide on how to get a marriage license in the Philippines.
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How to Apply for a Marriage License in the Philippines

If you’ve ever had to file a document, secure a license or register anything with the government, chances are you’re under the impression that applying for a marriage license in the Philippines will leave you feeling more exhausted than necessary. And that’s understandable, what with the long queues and the dreaded red tape that our …

The facade of Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay
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Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay Offers an Indulgent Treat for the Senses

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary last week. And this meant that, apart from the obvious, we had a good reason to stuff our faces. Although eating out is the one luxury we frequently allow ourselves to give in to, we go easy on buffets and other unlimited-food offerings because we find them excessive, …

Beauty tips to glean from model Kelsey Merrittmodel
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5 Tips From Kelsey Merritt’s Vogue Beauty Secrets Video

Fil-Am model Kelsey Merritt shared how she usually does her makeup in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series. I’m really a fan of the series because while there are tips that have been shared and regurgitated by so many people before, there are ones that are quite refreshing. I remember one from Candice Swanepoel where she uses …

Go Thai Bistro, now Lil Thai, is a restaurant in Lipa City.
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Zing, Spice And Everything Nice At Go Thai Bistro

It was our second time at Go Thai Bistro, and we finally thought to take photos. I guess that already sums up our experience at this little restaurant in Lipa City, nestled behind Big Ben Complex. The food is so good, you’d find it hard to remember to document what you’re having. Now, you forget …