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The Jellyfish Haircut Is One of the Most Adventurous Styles To Try This Year

The Jellyfish Haircut Is One of the Most Adventurous Styles To Try This Year

jellyfish haircut

Did you make 2023 the year of going extra adventurous with your hairstyle? Well, I’ve found just the right cut for you. Say hello to the jellyfish haircut.

What is it? Should you try it? Is it easy to pull off and maintain? Here’s everything you need to know about this cool new hair trend.

jellyfish haircut

What is the jellyfish haircut?

If you thought it’s named as such because of the marine creature, well, you’re right. It is called that because it looks like a jellyfish! It also resembles the hime cut a bit but the jellyfish haircut is a bit softer in the ends — it looks exactly like a jellyfish. Hime is a bit more structured and just straight.

The main similarity between the jellyfish cut and the hime is the noticeable length difference in the upper and lower parts of the hair. The shorter part of the style ends abruptly by the jaw or higher. The tail end is distinctly longer — some like to keep it till the waist while others have it cascade through the chest area. It’s really a matter of preference!

Is jellyfish haircut good for thick hair?

It’s great for thick hair! It works so well with medium and thick hair because these work so well in showing the difference between the lengths of the hair for this cut. Plus points if the hair is wavy or curly too but that’s just a bonus and not necessary . You can definitely still rock the look if you have straight hair.

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Is it high maintenance?

It really depends on how you style your hair. If you’re the wash-and-go type, this haircut definitely works. It’s meant to look carefree anyway! But if you’re the type to want to give your tresses a bit more attention and styling, you can do that too, of course. Texturizing sprays or balms can help you achieve an even more laid-back look for this style.

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  • I cut my hair about a month and a half ago to this haircut before I even heard of it. I just thought it would look cool lol

  • Hey that’s me!! I have LOVED this hair cut. For best results I’m definitely putting the work in to have defined curls in the bob section. Then I braid or bubble braid the tendrils. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hiii! I hope it’s okay that I used your photo. Thanks for the tip! I hope you don’t mind me sharing that in the article too. 🙂

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