Should You Get a Korean Pixie Cut? Find Out Here + 3 Hairstyles to Try

korean pixie cut

If you’ve been looking for a sign to finally take the plunge and get a Korean pixie cut, this is it.

Grown tired of your long hair and seeking a change? I feel you. We may have rainy days but the heat can still be unbearable sometimes. Nobody likes sticky, icky, sweaty hair anyway!

If you’re daunted by the idea of getting a Korean pixie cut though, this might help you decide better!

What is a pixie cut?

The ‘traditional’ pixie cut is generally short at the back and longer at the top though not by much. The hairstyle also typically has bangs that don’t go past the eyes. It’s similar to the bowl cut or mushroom hair cut, except it’s a bit shorter at the back.

Is Korean pixie cut good for round face?

As a round face-haver, I’ve found that there are actually just a few cuts we can’t pull off (just a matter of fact, no bragging). So if your face shape is the only thing hindering you from getting this bold chop, I say forget the qualms! You can definitely pull this off — and if you ever catch yourself on a bad hair day, there’s nothing a little bit of styling can’t help you pull through.

How can you pull off a pixie cut?

I know it may sound like a cliche and you’re probably bored of hearing it, but it’s really not your face shape or hair texture that’s gonna make you pull off a pixie cut — or any other hair cut. Yup, you guessed it. The right attitude and a good dose of confidence are just what you need.

Okay, I know you still want concrete examples so you can get a pretty solid idea of whether or not to go for the Korean pixie cut, so here are the best ones to refer to.

Korean pixie cut styles

Keep it classic

classic korean pixie cut
Photo via Pinterest

There’s nothing quite like a classic. And, yes, hairstyles included. If you’re looking to ease your way into the Korean pixie haircut realm, the safest but no less stylish way to do so is by getting a classic cut. It’s light and thin at the nape but is a bit voluminous in the middle. Top off the look with curtain bangs (or go shorter if you so desire). You probably won’t even need a lot of getting used to it because you may have sported this look when you were younger (I know I did).

Edgy pixie

If ‘polished’ isn’t really your style and you’re looking for something that’s a bit unruly but still looks good, get inspiration from Lee Joo Young. While her cut can still be classified as a wolf cut, it can pass off as a pixie if you go a bit shorter at the back — or don’t. This is one of the best ways to get the hang of having short hair if you’re not ready to commit to a super-short style yet.

A ‘proper’ pixie

If we’re going by the definition of a pixie hairstyle, Amber’s is the perfect depiction of it. The back is short and the bangs don’t (or hardly) touch the eyes. You can go even shorter with this kind of style and get a cool undercut.

Now, will you get a Korean pixie cut?

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