These Music Note Tattoo Designs Will Inspire You to Get Inked — Now

Try these music note tattoo designs for your next ink.

The main reason why I don’t have a tattoo even if I’ve been planning on getting one since my early 20s is because I’m indecisive about the design. (I heard lasering tattoos off is painful, not to mention expensive, so I want to avoid that!) But these music note tattoo designs are getting me quite inspired to finally get inked.

Check out these music note tattoo designs for your first ink.

Music Note Tattoo Designs — from minimal to watercolor

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get just a note, of course. But isn’t this flower-like music note tattoo design just so cute? It’s perfect for those who love dainty tattoos. If you want it to have meaning, you can also look at it as music making you blossom.

The semi-colon tattoo has become quite an important symbol for those who have struggled or are struggling with mental health issues. For those who are going through the same thing and find music to be one of the things that help them survive and thrive, this marriage of the semi-colon tattoo and a musical note is a fitting design.

Geometric lines are just so pleasing to the eyes, don’t you think? Coupled with the lines of a G Clef, they look even better. Music and math can definitely work so well together.

For lovers of the night or anything celestial, this music note tattoo design is the one to get inspired by. This one’s really dreamy and wonderful.

Love music and traveling? This tattoo design is a nice one to take inspiration from. You can definitely try it with watercolor or opt for something that’s more subdued and stick to blacks and whites — either way, this can be a good representation of two of the things you like.

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