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The Octopus Haircut Is the ’90s-Inspired Style to Sport This Year

The Octopus Haircut Is the ’90s-Inspired Style to Sport This Year

octopus haircut

So many new hair trends are emerging this year, but if you want something that’s edgy but still sleek, here’s a tip: octopus haircut.

This year seems to be the season for aquatic-inspired hairstyles (case in point: the popularity of the jellyfish haircut). If you’re up for a bit of change and don’t want something as drastic though, the octopus haircut may be the one to try. But what is it actually and just how easy is it to maintain? Find all the answers to your questions below!

octopus haircut

What is the octopus haircut?

The style is named that way because it does, in a way, look like an octopus — a very glamorous one though. Many refer to it too as the modern ‘Rachel’ haircut, which was uber popular in the ’90s, thanks to Jennifer Aniston and her character on the hit TV series Friends.

It’s also described as a less textured version of the mullet or the wolf cut. It has short layers on the front and a mixture of short and long layers through the back.

The best part? In can be tailored to suit any face shape! So it definitely works for most everyone.

Is octopus haircut good for thin hair?

If we’re talking about volume though, it’s safe to say that the cut is better suited to those who have a bit more abundant in the hair department. You can still give it a shot if you have thin hair but know that it may not look as voluminous on your with all the layers it needs.

How do you ask for an octopus haircut?

To ask for this particular cut, you need to tell your stylist what the overall length you’re going for is, and then to give you face-framing layers and perhaps a fringe.

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The best way to go about it is, of course, to bring a photo to show them. Billie Eilish, Kaia Gerber, and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the celebrities you can use as a peg.

Is octopus haircut easy to maintain?

Since this look is all about edginess and being laid-back and carefree, you’re gonna find it pretty easy to maintain. Ditch your styling tools for as long as you have this cut because this works better with air-drying. If you want to amp up the texture or volume though, you’re going to benefit from the use of a sea salt spray or good ol’ hairspray.