Should You Get the IVO Water Purifier?

We’ve been using the IVO Water Purifier for almost a year now, but I never thought to review it until a couple of people asked about it when they spotted it in one of our videos.

In the thick of the pandemic last year, we also went through a really big storm. It made us realize how much of a hassle and dangerous it would be to go out and pick up mineral water from local refilling stations. (It would be just as dangerous if we were to have it delivered.) So we looked into at-home water purifiers and chanced upon the IVO Water Purifier set (SB151), which at the time retailed for P1,980 (it’s now priced at P1,870).

We've been using the iVo water purifier for almost a year now. Here's our review.

What is it?

It’s a portable water purifier that claims to give you 99.99% bacteria-free safe drinking water. It’s a purifier you attach to your faucet. It comes with the head unit, which you attach to the faucet, and the filter cartridge, which you need to replace a year after first use (or earlier or later, depending on the amount of impurities it filters).

How does it work?

It also claims to have a multi-stage filtration process.

It starts with a pre-screening that ‘removes rust, sediments, and bigger particles.’ It’s then followed by the second screening where contaminants that were able to pass through the pre-screening are successfully filtered out.

Next is filtration through Granulated Activated Carbon. This is said to be the part where smells are removed. The last part the water goes through is the Hollow Membrane Filter where all the bad stuff is filtered out and minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

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One of the things IVO is proud of when it comes to its products is the use of the membrane filter, which they say is also what is used in dialysis machines sold by its parent brand (Toray Industries). I mean, if it’s good enough to filter out the bad stuff from your body, then it’s good enough for water you’ll ingest, right?

How to use it

Most of the reviews you’ll find about the IVO Water Purifier will say it’s easy to attach. If your faucet’s opening fits one of the attachments they have perfectly, that is. We had a bit of trouble installing ours because none of the parts fit our faucet; we even had to buy a new one so it would fit. After that dilemma, though, everything was smooth sailing.

ivo water purifier modes
Left: Unfiltered Spray. Center: Unfiltered Straight. Right: Filtered.

The filter has three modes: filtered spray, unfiltered spray and unfiltered straight.

Review and final thoughts

We bought it in September last year and have been really enjoying the convenience it offers. My husband no longer needs to pick up water. We also no longer need to think about whether or not the blue plastic jugs from refilling stations are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Fewer interactions with other people is a plus, too, especially during this time.

The difference in taste between the filtered water through the IVO Water Purifier and the usual mineral water we would buy from refilling stations was noticeable at first.

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I even thought of boiling the water first to see if it would improve it, but decided it was a waste of time since the water’s clean already. Our daughter points out the difference to this day, but my husband and I have gotten used to it.

We didn’t use any science-backed test to conclude that the water is safe though. I did compare filtered and unfiltered water when we first started using it and noticed the unfiltered water did smell of chlorine, while the filtered water didn’t have a smell. The fact that we’ve never had tummy issues since using it is good enough proof for me that it’s good and safe to use.

ivo water purifier review

The version of the IVO Water Purifier we have doesn’t have an indicator for when to change the cartridge so we’re relying on the color of the fibers inside the cartridge (it comes in a beige color when new and will darken over time — ours is quite dark now because the water where we live is quite rusty).

Another good indicator that it’s due for a replacement is when the water doesn’t taste as nice as it used to. So far, it’s still good enough for us. We’ll wait till we’re a year in before we order a new cartridge.

Each cartridge is said to be good for 1,500 liters of water. So that’s roughly a peso and 32 cents per liter. If you get your water for 25 pesos per liter, it’s roughly the same cost but you can actually see where the water comes from and know that it’s being filtered. It lessens transportation emissions, too, which is always a plus for me.

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A couple of notes

If you do decide to buy the IVO Water Purifier, make sure to “break in” the cartridge first. Let the water flow slowly so air bubbles that would weaken the flow don’t form inside the cartridge. I’ve read reviews that said they didn’t ease the water into the cartridge properly and the water just stopped flowing a few weeks in — something avoidable.

If you also happen to have a faucet that’s similar to ours, cleaning it at least once a week is of the utmost importance because it doesn’t make use of the cover the package comes with — it doesn’t fit — so it can be susceptible to dirt. (Of course, ideally, you clean whenever you wash the dishes but we’re all busy, so once a week is fine!)

Where to buy IVO Water Purifier

If you’re ready to have your own, IVO Philippines has an e-store, but you can also get one from OShopping, True Value, Mercury Drug, and more. The brand also has an official store on Shopee and Lazada.

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