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Must-Visit Milk Tea Places In Northern Batangas

Here are the milk tea places in Northern Batangas that you should visit.

Remember that time when we were all scared to drink milk tea because of an incident that happened near UST? Well, things have definitely gone up for the beverage. Not only has the qualm to drink it vanished but it seems like there’s a feverish need for it now. Just look at the many tea …

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How to Be Free From a Creative Rut

Easy, actionable tips on how to get unstuck from a creative rut

As someone who works in the digital publishing industry a.k.a. the very competitive world of content creation, I’m expected to always have 1) bright ideas and 2) the energy to execute them.  But as you all know, the brain isn’t really always on, no matter how much you need it to be. And that’s when …

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Resume Writing Tips to Help You Get Noticed

Looking for a new job? Here are resume writing tips you need to learn.

Let’s be real: Finding a job can be a gruelling process. From looking for the perfect one that fits your skills to actually getting your application noticed, it’s a challenge that takes lots of time, effort and patience. And while they say first impressions don’t last, they certainly inform whether or not you’ll have a …

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How to Apply for a Marriage License in the Philippines

Here's a nifty guide on how to get a marriage license in the Philippines.

If you’ve ever had to file a document, secure a license or register anything with the government, chances are you’re under the impression that applying for a marriage license in the Philippines will leave you feeling more exhausted than necessary. And that’s understandable, what with the long queues and the dreaded red tape that our …