Barbiecore Nails 2023: 7 Nail Art Designs You Must Try

barbiecore nails

No, your eyes are not deceiving you — you’re definitely seeing pink everywhere. It’s the rise of the Barbiecore era and Barbiecore nails is just the tip of it (pun intended).

What is the Barbiecore aesthetic and where did it come from?

barbiecore nails 2023 trend

The Barbiecore aesthetic is, as you may have guessed, inspired by the beloved (but sometimes polarizing) Barbie doll. The style looks a lot like the Y2K aesthetic. Think crop tops and mini skirts, track suits and sneakers, and low rise jeans and tennis shoes. The overall look has to be sweet, with a pronounced preference for pinks and purples.

It’s gaining even more popularity this year because of the movie starring Margot Robbie!

You can sport the Barbiecore aesthetic from head to toe. But if you’re just easing your way into the look, wearing it on your nails is a good start.

Barbiecore nails 2023

There are so many ways to sport Barbiecore on your nails, but here are seven fun ones that are pretty easy to get. And, yes, you can DIY!

Glazed donut nails

The glazed donut nails trend took off thanks to Hailey Bieber sometime early this year. It’s now spawned many different variations, including one that’s oh so fit for a Barbie. Try this pink glazed look that’s perfect even for work.

Pink French tips

French tips are a classic. But you can also Barbie-fy them by using a hot pink color for the tips. You can also opt for a shimmery light pink base instead of the usual natural light pink for a bit of oomph.

All hot pink

This is as straightforward as it gets. But it’s just as pretty and eye-catching as the rest. What’s more Barbiecore nails than a set inhot pink, right?

Blush nails

Wear two trends at once with blush nails! This look is inspired by blush — not the color — but how you put on blush on your cheeks or how your cheeks naturally turn pinkish or reddish when hot. Make it look even more like Barbiecore nails by opting for a vibrant pink.

Gradient pink

Try this different take on the ombre look. Paint each of your nails a different shade of pink!

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Negative space pink

Negative space nails are becoming even more popular now. Give them the Barbie treatment by going for your favorite shade of pink.

Pink hearts

I have heart-eyes for this look because I heart Barbie. This is great not just for Barbiecore nails but also for Valentine’s Day or just whenever you feel like wearing your heart on your ‘tips.

Which of these will you try?

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