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Sustainable Fashion Designers To Get To Know and Support

Sustainable Fashion Designers To Get To Know and Support

two ladies wearing pieces from sustainable fashion designers

Looking to grab your first designer item? I know we all think of the bigger brands right away — LV, YSL, Gucci, and more. But perhaps you want to consider these sustainable fashion designers.

It’s no secret that fashion has a waste problem. While the blame is often put on fast fashion brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and more, luxury brands are big contributors to the 18.6 million tons of clothing that ended up in landfills in 2020.

two women wearing pieces from sustainable fashion designers

In October 2021, Coach was outed for its practice of slashing and discarding unsold bags. While the brand has said that it will stop this practice, there’s no denying that it’s still quite alarming (and to be honest, appalling).

But it doesn’t mean you need to forego your dreams of owning a designer piece. The good news is there are sustainable fashion designers you can support. There aren’t a lot of them yet, but these five are a good start.

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman was founded in 2000. Today, it continues to thrive as a womenswear brand that prioritises sustainability in each step of the production process — from the materials to the finishing touches.

The brand is also open to its customers giving them feedback and holding them accountable.

Learn more about Mara Hoffman’s sustainability approach.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the more popular sustainable fashion designers right now. But in case you don’t know yet, the British designer’s brand is one of the first ones to make sustainability a priority; it started in 2001 with a commitment to make pieces that are kinder to the earth. The brand doesn’t use leather, feathers, and animal skin in its products.

Learn more about Stella McCartney’s sustainability commitment.

Eileen Fisher

Looking to add classic pieces you’ll wear for a long time? Eileen Fisher is the brand to go to. The luxury brand has quite a number of sustainability and ethical programs. You can see from the steps the brand has made how serious it is about keeping its vision of becoming a holistically sustainable brand alive. What’s next?

Check out Eileen Fisher’s Vision – Horizon 2030.

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This one’s for those who love the bohemian look. The Budapest-based brand is committed to responsible production. On top of that, it also has various programs that aim to help children and underserved communities.

Learn more about Nanushka’s works.


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Ganni doesn’t like being called a sustainable brand, but its practices make it count as one, based on the industry’s current standards. If you’re looking for pieces that fit the Scandi aesthetic, this is definitely the one to go to.

Find out more about Ganni’s committed responsibility to the planet.

Which of these sustainable fashion designers will you shop from? While you’re here, check out sustainable fashion brands in the Philippines.