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Junoco Lip Milk Review: 2-in-1 Wonder

Junoco Lip Milk Review: 2-in-1 Wonder

junoco lip milk review

The JUNOCO Lip Milk came right on time because I had been thinking about getting a new lip balm for my perpetually dry lips.

junoco lip milk

I know that the key to hydration is water, of course. And I do try to drink as much as I need to. But sometimes, the dryness on your lips just won’t go away. It needs soothing. A little lip balm action won’t hurt!

So I jumped at the chance to try the JUNOCO Lip Milk. It has acerola cherry, jojoba oil and squalane that promise to soften and deeply nourish the lips. It also has vitamin C to help brighten the lips. After using it for two weeks, here’s my review.

Packaging, texture, color, scent

This 2-in-1 lip product — it’s a lip balm and a lip mask in one — comes in a light yellow tube. Its applicator is a bit wider than usual lip balm tubes and has a cooling sensation, which I really like! It also has a pin in its cap so the product doesn’t get crusty and musty on the tube.

The product itself is a white cream with red beads filled with jojoba oil extract.

junoco lip milk texture

As far as scent goes, this has none! I know we all love the fruit and candy flavors of typical lip balms but I find that the absence of scent in this product doesn’t take away anything from its performance. If you’re particular about fragrances, you’re gonna love this!


Since it’s a 2-in-1 product, you can apply it in, well, two ways. Swipe the product on as often as you need or apply a generous amount on your lips — popping the beads is an option while doing this too — and leave it on overnight.

I tried using it both ways and found that the product is amply hydrating as a balm (albeit thinner than the usual lip balms). My favorite way to use it is as a lip mask though. I applied a generous amount before hitting the hay and woke up to nourished, hydrated lips.

Final verdict on the JUNOCO Lip Milk

junoco lip balm

So, did the JUNOCO Lip Milk hydrate my lips (a.k.a. get rid of the crustiness)? I’m happy to report that yes, it did! While it took the texture a bit of getting used to — just because I’m so accustomed to using lip balms that are heavier on the lips — I enjoyed using it and reaping its benefits so much.

As far as brightening goes, though, I didn’t really watched out for changes. I’ll edit this in the future should there be improvements in the darker areas of my lips.

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But if you have dry lips like I do, you’re gonna love this one! The JUNOCO Lip Milk retails for USD16 on the JUNOCO website.

I was sent the product in exchange for a review. My opinion on the product is impartial.

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